Oh, I Believe in Yesterday

Sometimes, we just wish for the past.  There doesn’t have to be anything wrong with our present, but something in us longs for an era gone by.  That’s the nostalgia kicking in. My week started off with a midterm on Monday and has been followed by a packed schedule of interning, tutoring students, and juggling… Continue reading Oh, I Believe in Yesterday


Learning to Love the Little Moments

Life gets so busy sometimes that I think we forget to live.  It feels like we are always jumping from one place to the next and never in the moment itself.  This weekend, I wanted to be different. I wanted to do things without thinking of the next seven-hundred places I had to go.  I… Continue reading Learning to Love the Little Moments


A Letter to My Mom on Her Birthday

There is no one like mom.  My mom is my world: she’s the first person I want to share my successes with and the person who I know I can call when life falls apart.  She’s the one who has been silently cheering me on since I was small. I don’t say these things to… Continue reading A Letter to My Mom on Her Birthday


Where I’m Meant to Be

Sometimes, we just feel stuck.  There’s no way around it: we feel like our life has hit a point where nothing is moving.  Maybe, we’ve become complacent and stopped trying or maybe, we keep trying to change things but end up standing in the same place every day anyway.  No matter what, it’s frustrated when… Continue reading Where I’m Meant to Be


What Do You Say to Taking Chances?

I’ll admit, I like to play things safe.  I like to know the outcome before I throw the dice.  I don’t leap without looking. Everything in my life is perfectly planned out well in advance and I’m prepared for every situation. Life doesn’t always stick to our plans though-- it has its own ideas of… Continue reading What Do You Say to Taking Chances?


Finding Your Way Forward from a Friendship Break-Up

You thought you had a friend forever, but lately, you’ve been feeling otherwise.  Maybe you’ve been gradually growing apart from your friend or maybe you had a bad fight that’s making you question this friendship.  Whatever happened, you’re suddenly sad and confused and missing your support system. We’ve all been there. It’s a friendship break-up.… Continue reading Finding Your Way Forward from a Friendship Break-Up

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Finding a Home on the Hilltop

“Homesickness is like most sicknesses. It will pass.” This is one of my favorite quotes from the movie, Brooklyn, and one that has gotten me through a lot in life.  It’s so simple and plain and yet, says exactly what I need to hear very often. Homesickness is one of the hardest things to deal… Continue reading Finding a Home on the Hilltop