No More Excuses, Do What You Love

No More Excuses, Do What You Love

“There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them.”

This lyric played through my headphones as I sat in our student lounge, trudging through a never-ending to do list and feeling a bit disheartened.  The last few weeks have been stressful here at Georgetown: it’s midterm season and I somehow got lucky enough to have midterms nearly weekly for an entire month.  I’m in week three now and am feeling exhausted by the constant high level stress and my never ending to-do list, daily activities, and projects that seem to pile up quite effortlessly.


This lyric made me think though: what do I want to do?  If I had all the time in the world right now, what would I do?


I would travel.  I have no idea where I’d travel to: I’d get in a car and just drive.  I’d go to the airport and just buy a ticket.  I’d go anywhere, exploring this amazing world we get to live in.

2018-07-14 15:10:04.465
Exploring the Magic Gardens in Philadelphia.


I would visit every museum I could find.  I am a huge history nerd, with a passion for learning everything I can about the past.  I love quirky and different museums and would love to explore every museum the world has, if I could.

Having fun at the Met, my favorite museum, in the modern art section.

I’d read for pleasure- this summer, I rediscovered my love of reading by challenging myself to read a book a week.  Since being back at school, I’ve read only for classes- I miss reading as an escape from the world, not because of it.  

2018-06-30 17:22:48.207
The Nest was one of the books I read this summer as a part of my challenge.


I’d bake enough baked goods to practically run a bakery.  I’d call my mom and ask for all her recipes and try to master them all.

Christmas cookies- a favorite family recipe.

I’d write a book.  I’ve always dreamed of writing a book and say I’m going to try every November, but life always happens and I feel like I don’t have the time.


Why don’t I do these things?  I’ve recently found myself saying to myself, “after midterms, we’ll bake cookies,” or “once I get through this test, I can read again.”  Life is always going to be busy.  There’s always going to be another thing to get through.  One thing will lead to another and suddenly it’s been two years of your life.  My reading challenge was prompted this summer by realizing that I had read two books for pleasure in the last two years, after having been an avid reader my entire life.


It’s time to start incorporating the things I love back into my life, no matter how busy I may feel.  It’s time for us all to start prioritizing our own happiness and passions in our lives, instead of just a list of tasks we feel obligated to complete daily.    


I’m going to try to visit a museum at least once a month, bake some sort of treat every other Sunday, and read at least one book for pleasure a month.  This blog is bringing writing back into my life, a love that I thought I had previously lost in my life. It’s not the constant that I would do with endless time in the world, but it brings the things I’m passionate about back into my life.  That’s self-care: learning to balance what you want to do and what you have to do.


Make time to do something you want to do this this week, for no other purpose than you want to do it.  I’ll end this post with the classic Ferris Bueller quote:


“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”


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