Exploring Southern California: Part Two

Exploring Southern California: Part Two


It is has been a little while since I’ve travelled with my days full of touring and I’ll be honest, I think I forgot how exhausting it can be!  We’ve been starting our days early in the morning and by the time we get back at 10 PM, I am ready to zonk out! Still, I am having such a great time exploring California and am so excited to tell you all about what I’ve been up to in this slightly belated blog post.

Day 4: Beverly Hills- Greystone Mansion and The Last Bookstore

This was our first day venturing off of the Newport Coast and into the typical L.A. area.  We started by heading to Beverly Hills to Greystone Mansion. This is a hidden gem with a fascinating history.  So many films, television shows, and music videos have filmed here. I was most excited that this was the filming scene for Chilton High School in Gilmore Girls! The mansion also has beautiful gardens and is so fun to just walk around, with great views of the city.

After Greystone Mansion, we stopped over at The Last Bookstore after having heard about it for so long.  This was one of the spots I was most excited for, after having seen the prettiest Instagrams, and quite honestly, the biggest let-down.  The place felt like it was trying so hard to be something, but really wasn’t anything. This is one of those places that I think photographs better than actually is.  I did not take any photos in the typical spots, because I didn’t want to look like I was having fun when in reality, I was feeling REALLY disappointed.

Day Five: Rest Day

This was our last day on Newport Coast before heading over to Disneyland, so we decided to use it as a rest day.  The morning started off a bit rainy, but the sun came out and we were soon able to drive a bit into Laguna Beach and appreciate how beautiful the area is.  

After exploring a bit, I went to the pool and started a new audiobook and enjoyed the sun.  There is nothing like just closing your eyes and taking it all in sometimes. After some time at the pool, we went back and because I had a HUGE pizza craving, we went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner and honestly, I fell a bit more in love with California because where else does even the mall have a gorgeous view of the ocean?

This was a quick little update, but the next update will have all the details of my time in Disneyland and will definitely be a longer post!

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