Open Your Heart

Open Your Heart

Yesterday, I heard the phrase “harden not your heart” and in light of recent days, I couldn’t help but feel that this was the most fitting phrase to be said.  The world is hard and difficult and it’s easy to feel like you have to be hard to get through it. Hold onto your light– in the darkness, it is the brightness that leads the way out.

We all have our own difficulties in life.  Maybe, you’ve lost someone recently. Maybe, you feel like the world is growing scarier by the day and the instability shakes you to your core.  Maybe, things just aren’t falling into place for you the way you want. The hard moments hurt. This time may hurt.  

And when things get hard, the world seems to yell at you to harden your heart.  Lock the doors, keep them all out, see them as enemies. Close the curtains, grow more serious, become a fighter.  Keep yourself first, cut out the ones who disagree, trust no one. Every day becomes your battlefield and you never know if you’ve won, because you’re fighting in the dark.  You’re alone and you’re scared. No one blames you for hardening your heart, but at the end of the day, you need to let the light back in to know if you’re moving forward.

I often find myself struggling with this. It’s easy to view things as black and white, as good and bad.  It’s easy to blame others when life seems too complex to ever comprehend.  It’s easy to prepare for the worst and never expect the best. But, it doesn’t make us feel any better.  It makes us bitter, scared, and alone.

We have to open our hearts and let love back in.  Love those in our lives, despite their flaws. Love ourselves, despite our flaws.  Love this world and believe that people are good, despite it all being flawed. Love and light are the answer.  It’s hard sometimes, but make that effort, to open your heart again and believe that even in the darkest moments, a light can shine through and save the day.


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