Life Update: Summer Recap

Life Update: Summer Recap

With it now officially being fall, I felt like it was the appropriate time for a summer recap (even though it still feels like summer here in D.C.).  Next up will be a list of everything I am excited for this fall and it’s near endless– fall is one of my favorite seasons!

Summer Recap:

  1. One of the things I loved most this summer was really developing what I want my blog and Instagram to be right now.  It’s gone through A LOT of changes since I’ve started, trying to find the niche that makes me happy but also serves a need for my followers.  This summer, I realized what I’m passionate about at the moment is affordable fashion. I love finding outfits that don’t break the bank but look amazing (here’s a few of my favorites that I shared on Instagram this summer).  I’ve mainly only been showing this interest and passion on Instagram, but I want to integrate it more into the blog from now on.  Don’t worry, I’ll still be doing life updates like these and lifestyle posts, but there will definitely be more affordable fashion too.

2. I got to explore California (I blogged about it here and here and here and here) and it was amazing!  I really only was in LA but I could have stayed forever with a million other things to do. I promise, I’ll be making a return to the west coast soon to explore more!

3. I worked an amazing internship!  I got to learn so much this summer while working at Amazon Web Services in digital marketing.  This internship affirmed to me that I love digital marketing and really do want to pursue a career in it.  

4. I baked…a lot.  Thanks to my roommates this summer for being my official taste-testers of everything I made!  My favorite recipe by far was the recipe for Banana Bread from Flour Bakery in Boston.

5. I went to Her Conference and left feeling empowered and inspired!  It was such an amazing opportunity to hear so many amazing women speak about their lives and journeys.  Also, here is where I discovered journalist Mandy Velez, whose story of paying off her student loans is SO inspiring.

6. Visited some museums!  When I was in Orlando, one of the things I missed most about DC was all of the amazing and accessible museums.  This summer, it was nice to have some time to explore the museums (thanks to all the friends who joined me for these adventures!)

7. Turned 21!  I, of course, had myself a week of festivities and I am so grateful for my friends who celebrated with me, including those who came from out of town to join the fun!

8. Had a mini DCP roommate reunion!  If you’ve been following for a while, you know how meaningful the DCP was to me and my roommates played a HUGE role in this!  I was so excited that two of them were able to come to DC for a weekend and celebrate my birthday and our friendship together!

9. Made it to two boy band concerts: Backstreet Boys and the Jonas Brothers.  I’m not a huge Backstreet Boys fan, but their concert was so much fun and I danced the night away!  The Jonas Brothers is the concert I’ve been wanting since I was 10, and it truly made all my childhood dreams come true.

10. I am impressed with the amount of tv I managed to watch.  I was an avid follower of both the Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, along with binging Riverdale, Jane the Virgin, and Veronica Mars on streaming platforms.


That’s all that I was up to this summer!  I’d love to hear what you were all up to and I can’t wait for next week’s blog post of the 10 things I’m most excited for this fall!